Manuel Astorga Design Illustration Studio


“Extrabold” book illustration series

In one of the first sections of Serial Cut’s “Extrabold” book, Sergio del Puerto showcases the early-stage designs of Serial Cut studio. I developed a timeline with illustrations of pop-culture events that happened between 1999 and 2004: Each illustration is a synthetic representation of one of those events, giving readers a historic context to understand the design style and trends of those years.

Illustration • Art Direction • 2012


Two boys go on a rampage at
Columbine High School, killing 15

Opening of the Summer
Olympics in Sydney


The Queen Mother
dies in London

Yves Saint Laurent
ends his career

Serena Williams defeats
her sister Venus


March against climate
change in London


Schwarzenegger is elected
Governor of California

The space shuttle
Columbia disintegrates

Facebook is launched
at Harvard

The statue of Liberty is
reopened to the public


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