Dreamlines Spot


Let Dreamlines find the perfect Cruise!

Dreamlines has a team of Cruise experts that assist in the booking process their senior users. Through a sweet love story with retro vibes, the action shows the searching process in the website, the assistance of the cruise experts, closing with the couple welcomed in the cruise ship by the captain, and a visualization of the real product and deals. We had the honor of having Siggi Rauch (D.E.P), the main character of ‘’Das Traumschiff’’ German version of ‘’The Love Boat’’ as the captain and of our Ship and prescriptor of Dreamlines. The 3D closing shows the products and the best deals of that month.


Agency – Luxid Media

Creative Director – Manuel Astorga

Creative Director – Amaya Uscola

Director – Steve Glashier

Producer – Maximilian Hink

Producer Assistant – Anna von Ledebour

Main Actor – Tomas Sinclair

Main Actress – Jill Howerda

Captain – Siggy Rauch

PostproductionDaniel Cardona

3D works Dario Alva

Sound Design – Josep Xortó

V.O Actor – Hans Ritcher

Art Department – Ruth Bartlett

Main Stylism – Saskia Jung

Second Stylist – Oscar Paz


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