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Product Design & Branding

The Challenge

Myhotelo, a specialised hotel booking company, needed a complete redesign of their old website to create a new smart hotel booking platform

The new responsive website was designed from a user-centered approach. As always, the challenge was time: In order to speed up the process, the UX design and the Branding processes started in parallel: The wireframes and the Invision prototypes were approved at the same time as the logo and the basement of the design system. Then, the UI team started to apply the design system to the previously approved wireframes getting a proper result in a record time.

Manuel Astorga web design services

Manuel Astorga UX UI design services

Manuel Astorga UX UI design services

The New Brand 

The focus of Myhotelo brand was to create trust and friendly simplicity

After a brand workshop, we agreed on a brand promise and statement: Everything that Myhotelo does is making user’s decisions easy, showing them real information and the best prices for the hotel that match their exact needs. They wanted to connect with their users in a trustable and emotional way, they wanted to be the perfect travel mate. Our logo is the perfect fusion of the letter “m” with the shape of a hotel door sign. It evokes the moment of walking in a hotel room and closing the door behind you, the moment when you start enjoying your room and you don’t want that anyone disturbs you.


Manuel Astorga Branding Studio

Manuel Astorga Branding Studio

The Design System

We created a perfectly branded design system that sets a strong basis: It ensures consistency and makes the work of developers and potential designers easier in order to create new pages and components. The design system was delivered in Sketch.

Agency   Luxid Gmbh

Date  November 2017

Creative DirectioManuel Astorga

UX/UI Design  Naiara Odriozola

Producer  Marta Gonzalez

Designer  Anibal Garcia

Designer  David Padilla

UI Designer  Nicola Napoli


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