The Library


A tactile tribute to the founder of the city’s first library founder

During 2012, I got a request from the city hall of my hometown to create a poster for the yearly book fair. The poster concept is a tribute to Ricardo Conejo, he was the founder of the first library of the city. Conceptwise, a wooden hand is holding the book of the city behind the initial letters of his name “Ricardo Conejo”. The wooden hand represents the hand of Ricardo, I chose wood because the old library of my village has beautiful antique wood shelves. The book has a book marker with an A of Archidona, the name of the city, and an octagon, the most iconic symbol of it. Paloma Rincón, the famous photographer, helped me to make this possible. She did this awesome picture with her __________ giving a tactile look and feel that we needed. Thank you Paloma!

Art Direction by
Manuel Astorga

Photo by
Paloma Rincón

April 2012


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